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Great read over on the Guardian about the books we (collectively) most lie about reading. And guess what, Orwell’s 1984 comes top of the list!

“Asked if they had ever claimed to read a book when they had not, 65% of respondents said yes and 42% said they had falsely claimed to have read Orwell’s classic in order to impress. This is followed by Tolstoy’s War and Peace (31%), James Joyce’s Ulysses (25%) and the Bible (24%).”

That’s almost 3 times more people than the Bible! Not that I’d be very impressed by someone who has read the Book – rather i’d run the opposite direction as fast as my zealot-fearing legs would carry me – but a hefty figure nonetheless, and one I’m sure Orwell himself would giggle raucously about.

Of course this dismal state of collective fibbing will surely drop now that the eponymous Shepard Fairey has designed the latest jacket…

But that aside – Fear not all you liars out there! You need worry no longer, because our ‘Miniluv‘ tee is the perfect solution and includes a free crib sheet on the inside neck to save you from those embarrassing moments when someone asks if you think that Julia was in on it or not…

Finally, I can’t not mention the dread instilled here at the-affair HQ over the seemingly flippant comment: “When asked to name the writers they really enjoyed, 61% of people ticked JK Rowling and 32% John Grisham.” My God, if you didn’t already suspect we really are all doomed to ignorantly walk the deserts of Europe as global warming turns Frank Herbert’s Dune into reality.

But that’s a completely different t-shirt…


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