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OMG we finally made Tcritic


Its been a long while since we’ve been religiously checking our site stats, wondering who might be looking at our site and which blogs had picked us up, or not…

One blog that we never seemed to get traction with was Tcritic. Written by the esteemed Karl Long, and with an RSS readership above 5000 it was a no-brainer for a start-up to want to get posted.

But try as we might, we just couldn’t get through.

Karl didn’t want to love us and we didn’t know why. Was it the fact that our designs stood for something more than stupid slogans? Was it that we were based in the motherland? Or maybe it was that his chihauha was viciously mauled by a crocodile on a family trip to Australia as a child? We just could not work it out. Still haven’t in fact…

Which is why its all the more exciting to be finally featured on Tcritic.

Reading the comments I can’t understand why Karl never wanted to post about us. And we’re not at all bitter that it was the result of a distinct lack of dumb slogan tees coming through his inbox that day. Nor the fact that it had to come from @stiricide. No way. Just thrilled beyond words to be in the hallowed halls of t-shirt fame.


2 thoughts on “OMG we finally made Tcritic

  1. LOL, sorry it took so long guys, I do the site as a hobby so it’s very much catch as catch can. I’ve actually got Mary Bee helping me out now which helps take some of the load off me, so please keep in touch in the future and let us know when you’ve got new stuff.

    I’ve just remembered I owe a gift certificate :)

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