Herman Melville

Graphic T-shirt inspired by Herman Melville's Moby-Dick.

It may seem quaint now, but becoming a sailor was the only way to see the world when Melville wrote Moby-Dick over 150 years ago. There was no tourist trail and certainly no Lonely Planet for the orphans, exiles and outcasts brave enough for the road. But there was real adventure. Not the manufactured right-of-passage that we enjoy today thanks to low cost air travel and currency arbitrage. But rather the adrenalin fuelled, decent chance-I-might-die sort of adventure that even  Felix Baumgartner would appreciate. But just like Melville’s narrative, those few moments of action were only a fraction of the whole experience. Which explains why there’s no White Whale on our Moby-Dick T-shirt. Instead we prefer to focus on the wanderlust that drove Ishmael to Captain Ahab in the first place. We see the leviathan not as a form to capture, but as a conceptual mirror to reflect our personal motivations for adventure. Moby-Dick might be a morality tale about the destructive consequences of obsession, but it’s also a clarion call to get the fuck out of Dodge and see the world. Amen. [features] • Aged Navy jersey • Graphic T-shirt • NanoSoft ® screenprint • Summer cut • Slim fit • 100% premium cotton • Lightweight 140 gsm jersey • Contrast shoulder stitch • Vintage Prewash • Designed in London • Made in Portugal