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Adrift <br />Pocket T-shirtAdrift <br />Pocket T-shirtAdrift <br />Pocket T-shirtAdrift <br />Pocket T-shirt

Pocket T-shirt

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Adrift <br />Pocket T-shirt

“At sea I am reminded of my insignificance - of all men’s insignificance. It is a wonderful feeling to be so humbled.”

Adrift: 76 Days Lost at Sea

Steven Callahan (1986)

Graphic T-shirt with chest pocket inspired by Steven Callahan’s incredible story of survival, Adrift.

It's rare that we’re inspired by non-fiction, but after Moby-Dick we became obsessed by seafaring adventure stories, and Steven Callahan’s Adrift is one of the best.

Callahan chronicles the 76 days he spent alone in the Atlantic Ocean as a shipwreck survivor and self-labelled 'aquatic cavemen' decades before the Life of Pi and Bear Grylls made that shit cool.

You’d think it’d be easy enough to illustrate an 'aquatic caveman' but you’d be wrong.

So after many an unsuccessful neanderthal-merman-meets-Ariel-in-Team-Zissou-tracksuits type of thing, we began thinking about the sum total of Callahan’s visual world during his adventure Adrift.

And it dawned on us that his only constant was the horizon: perfect, majestic, contemplative and lonely-as-fuck.

And from there it was a no-brainer to add a pocket as a place to store imaginary friends hope.


Next time you're on the water, wear this shirt. You'll look smart, but more importantly, if it all goes tits up and you find yourself adrift you'll have Callahan's spirit and courage to guide you.

• Aged Navy jersey
• Graphic T-shirt
• Chest pocket with rivet detail
• NanoSoft ® screenprint
Summer cut
• Slim fit

• 100% premium cotton
• Lightweight 140 gsm jersey
• Contrast shoulder stitch
• Vintage Prewash

• Designed in London
• Made in Portugal