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Lost City of Z <br />Pocket T-shirtLost City of Z <br />Pocket T-shirtLost City of Z <br />Pocket T-shirtLost City of Z <br />Pocket T-shirtLost City of Z <br />Pocket T-shirt

Lost City of Z
Pocket T-shirt

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Lost City of Z <br />Pocket T-shirt

“You need have no fear of any failure...”

The Lost City of Z

David Grann (2009)

Graphic T-shirt with chest pocket inspired by David Grann’s Lost City of Z and the true story of Lt. Colonel Percy Fawcett.

Lt. Colonel Percy Fawcett was the quint-essential British explorer: moustachioed, courteous, fond of Ceylon tea and desperate to unveil the fabled Lost City of Z.

Financed by a cryptic group called The Glove, Fawcett marched into the Brazilian jungle in 1925 to locate what we know as El Dorado.

Although his body never emerged from the Matto Grosso, his legend flowered into epic proportions.

Though ostensibly in search of the Lost City of Z, some say that Fawcett discovered a trans-dimensional portal to the Hollow Earth. Others swear that he was killed by vicious tribes only days after leaving the Dead Horse Camp. And even more believe that Fawcett was simply tired of the rules and regulations of Mother England, and dropped off the map to become the autocratic ruler of a tribe of cannibals.

We’ll never know what really happened but history has validated Fawcett’s intuition with the discovery of the ancient complex of Kuhikugu in the very same area as the Lost City of Z. And although there’s no gold, there is evidence of a large agricultural society that flourished for the best part of 2,000 years.

Although Fawcett wasn’t entirely looney tunes, there’s no doubt that map making is no innocent hobby. So next time you see someone drawing lines in the proverbial sand, gently mention Lt. Colonel Percy Fawcett and warn them about the deadliest gateway drug known to man...

• Bone (Off White) jersey
• Graphic T-shirt
• Chest pocket with rivet detail
• NanoSoft ® screenprint
Summer cut
• Slim fit

• 100% premium cotton
• Lightweight 140 gsm jersey
• Contrast shoulder stitch
• Vintage Prewash

• Designed in London
• Made in Portugal