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Moby-Dick <br/>Leviathan <br/>Striped T-shirtMoby-Dick <br/>Leviathan <br/>Striped T-shirtMoby-Dick <br/>Leviathan <br/>Striped T-shirtMoby-Dick <br/>Leviathan <br/>Striped T-shirtMoby-Dick <br/>Leviathan <br/>Striped T-shirt

Striped T-shirt

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Moby-Dick <br/>Leviathan <br/>Striped T-shirt

“Fool! I am the Fates' lieutenant, I act under orders.”


Herman Melville (1851)

Channel your inner sailor with our first basic style, the Moby-Dick Leviathan Striped Tshirt inspired by Herman Melville’s novel.

Much like Captain Ahab was compelled to hunt the white whale, we were compelled to create the ultimate basic Tshirt designed specifically to wear with your favourite denim and under a jacket
or a casual blazer.

So we made something intentionally subtle that both recedes under the outer layer yet also retains the essence of Melville’s classic tale.

There is a small harpoon sigil in homage to Ahab on the front chest, but it’s the thin sailor stripes that are the true raison d’être: because sometimes you need to tone it down and relentlessly focus on achieving your goals.

• Bone (Off White) jersey
• Striped Graphic T-shirt
• NanoSoft ® screenprint
Summer cut
• Slim fit

• 100% premium cotton
• Lightweight 140 gsm jersey
• Contrast shoulder stitch
• Vintage Prewash

• Designed in London
• Made in Portugal