Neuromancer Mighty Dub - Art Print
Neuromancer <br/>Silver / Black <br/>Art PrintNeuromancer <br/>Silver / Black <br/>Art Print

Silver / Black
Art Print

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Neuromancer <br/>Silver / Black <br/>Art Print

“We monitor many frequencies. Came a voice, out of the babel of tongues, speaking to us.
It played us a mighty dub…
Call ‘em Winter Mute.”


William Gibson (1984)

Art Print inspired by William Gibson's Neuromancer.

Winning the trust of rasta space stoners through A.I. generated dub is still one of the more interesting ideas to be found in Gibson’s cyberpunk classic Neuromancer.

Even with the ubiquity of computer generated beats around these days, it makes you wonder: Could a computer write a good tune? What would it sound like? Will they still have vinyl in the future?

Until then, we’ll just have to use our imagination.

• Black colour
• One Colour Screenprint
• Premium Colorplan ® paper
• Heavyweight 270 gsm
• 52 x 52 cm (20 x 20 in.)

• Limited edition of 150
• Hand screened
• Hand numbered

• Designed in London
• Made in London